Im sorry Im too fucked up. 

But dont worry… I will go ahead and punish myself


occupation: the family disappointment

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Ignore my mini rant XD

It hurts to know you arent looking for me… 
Youve left before but youve always looked back. 
And now you arent. 
Im fighting hard not to. But I still look back on the memories and smile… They are still good memories… 
i hope one day you can do the same…. 
My door is always open if you ever wish to come back. But obviously, it cant be the way it was. 

But it really does hurt the worst to know you arent even looking. Watching to make sure I am okay like you usually do. 
Checking up on me and watching what I do. 

Anyway… I do wish you the best of luck… 
Have a great life <3
I guess till we meet again when we make our way down to Hell. 


Wanna know what I hate about school? Everything.

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